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We are turning the model of aid on its head.

APIE works with both international and Rwandan partners to meet the Sustainable Development Goals of Inclusive and Quality Education. Our theory of change hinges on the development of excellence in teaching and learning, where international partners work alongside local educators, supporting them to hone their skills and share their learning in an effective and sustainable way. 

Annual Reports

Our pilot centre of excellence - Umubano Academy - is fully inclusive, incorporating training for teachers and provision for all students, whatever their background, whatever their educational needs. The Scholarship Fund ensures that no child who lives within a 30 minute walk of the school is excluded, and our path-finding SEN programme enables all children to benefit from the school’s holistic approach to inclusive education. Our core ethos, and overarching focus of the work at Umubano Academy is Education for Peace. The Rwandan-led programme understands teachers as central actors in healing the wounds of the recent past, supporting this next young generation to achieve and thrive in a peaceful and stable society.

The next phase of our strategy is to develop and implement effective methods of disseminating what we have learned so far. This commenced in 2016 with small-scale training offered to in-service and trainee teachers from the local area; grew through 2017 and 2018 with the continuation of outreach training and the  construction of a multi-purpose hall in which to roll these programmes out; and expanded further in 2019 as we commenced our first multi-district programme, developing and delivering a teacher training programme focused on Early Childhood Education, funded by UK Aid from the UK government.

As we grow, our role is to continue to support and develop this work, for the benefit of as many students, teachers and communities in Rwanda as possible. 

Our new Strategy plan for 2023-2025 sets out how APIE will take forward its work with Umubano Academy and further develop our outreach and partnership work in order to make a significant contribution to the improvement of the national education sector in Rwanda.
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