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Education for Peace

Reconciliation – addressing the root causes of conflict – is central to healing the wounds of the past and enabling post-conflict populations to move forward in peace and stability. We believe that teachers are central to this process; education has the power to shift perceptions and support the next generation to build a future to be proud of. Our aim is to support Rwandan educators to develop their practice, teaching children to love challenges, learn from mistakes, enjoy effort and develop empathy. We believe that the outcome of this will be a generation of global advocates for peace.

The Aegis Trust and the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre  have provided a strong starting point for us in introducing Education for Peace to the curriculum.  In 2017, we established a formal partnership with the Aegis Trust, through which we will share training, workshops and work together in developing the Education for Peace model in pursuit of sustainable peace in Rwanda. In addition, through this partnership Umubano Academy has become Rwanda's first Lead School for Peace.

​We do not underestimate the challenges of working in this arena, nor the powerful emotions that it can evoke. However, this work is crucial for Rwanda so that all the incredible achievements made in this country in the years since the genocide will go on to ensure peace, progress and prosperity in Rwanda. If we work together in getting this right, the impact will go way beyond Rwanda's borders to show the world what a country's post-conflict generation can achieve if given the right start. 

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