Scholarship Fund

The Rwandan youth are at a crossroads. Their challenge is to avoid repeating the stories of the past and carry their country into a stable, peaceful and prosperous future. The kind of education they receive will determine whether they have the skills to transform this responsibility into reality.

Real change cannot happen without quality education being available to all. The Scholarship Fund ensures we can continue our commitment to supporting pupils from the poorest families; provide the resources and training required to support students with special educational needs; ensure that all staff are equipped with the skills to effectively support every student to succeed; and support APIE to share what we have learned for the benefit of all children in Rwanda, not just our students.

The Scholarship Fund covers:

Tuition Fees
Classroom materials
Learning Support
The tools to enable
to choose and build their
own future.

Your support means the best start for all students at the school to be able to contribute to forming a strong, stable and peaceful society for themselves and their communities.

Become a partner in education today. Thank you!