Training teachers through EQUIP

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APIE's innovative EQUIP project - funded by UK Aid from the UK Government - enhances the teaching skills and knowledge of pre-primary teachers in Rwanda.


With funding from UK Aid Direct, APIE has created and trialled an e-learning course which has been used to train teachers in 200 schools in rural Rwanda over the last 2 years. The course features videos of best practice recorded at our model school in Kigali - Umubano Academy - ensuring that the content is relevant in a Rwandan context. The course covers all 6 areas of the pre-primary curriculum and has been validated by the Rwanda Education Board.

At the start of 2021, APIE received further funding from UK Aid Direct to reach even more teachers across Rwanda, equipping them to provide high quality education for children across Rwanda.

APIE's teacher training project in Rwanda is also making a contribution towards Sustainable Development Goal 4 which is focused on ensuring inclusive and equitable education for all. 

So far our EQUIP project has reached 563 beneficiaries, and 158 teachers and 16 headteachers have passed the course. Over 18,400 children have access to higher quality pre-primary education as a result of our training.