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Being a small organisation has its challenges as well as its benefits. It is these challenges, such as getting our message heard, that makes public support all the more valuable. 
Lef Pillon Trust

The Lef-Pillon Trust's recent decision to provide multi-year funding for the charity's work in Rwanda comes after several years of annual donations for the SENCO programme at Umubano Primary School, now Academy. Our experience of APIE's professional management, detailed evaluation and reporting and the addressing of key issues in the development of inclusive education in Rwanda led us to select APIE as one of our central partnerships in the expenditure of Trust funds.  We look forward to being part of the many new opportunities APIE is creating to expand and enhance the education of young people and the training of teachers across Rwanda.  

Emma Thompson, Actor - 

“Peace education is at the heart of A Partner in Education's pilot programme, based at Umubano Primary School in Rwanda; A Partner in Education is a small INGO witha big reach.


APIE sees education as a holistic, international and collective enterprise; building equitable and respectful relationships across the world, broadening access to quality education for children in Rwanda and providing opportunities for people everywhere to get involved. 


In Rwanda, a country determined to put the horrors of genocide firmly behind it, and where over 60% of the population is of school age, the importance of creative and empowering education cannot be overstated. APIE shows one way that we can all work together to achieve this. It’s not charity for poor children, it is bringing the best of international expertise to people who are already clear about where they need to go"

Hugh Delaney, Chief of Education of Unicef Rwanda - 

“APIE’s work at the school level aims to ensure that children can access high quality education, with a focus on enrolling children from different family circumstances and with different educational needs. APIE is part of the Rwandan Education NGO network, working to develop and model good educational practice which can be shared more widely”

Dr Sam Collins, Founder of The Aspire Foundation -

“The Aspire Foundation shortlisted APIE out of over 400 applicants for the Avanade $25,000 “We Are Africa” award for projects in Africa because they are doing such great work in Rwanda, ensuring that this post-genocide generation gets the kind of education that will enable them to lead peaceful and prosperous lives. Running a small NGO is tough and there is always too much to do. CEO Angie says: having an Aspire mentor has helped me prioritise, focus on solutions and achieve key objectives this year. The Aspire Foundation is delighted to be supporting Angie and APIE in their important work”

Dr Michael Gray, Patron -

"It is a tremendous privilege to be a Patron of A Partner in Education and to support an organisation which is deeply committed to delivering educational development in Rwanda.  I have witnessed first-hand the transformative work that APIE is doing at both a national, regional and individual level.  Their commitment to the professional development of Rwandan practitioners, to ensuring engaging and innovative curricula, and providing such a high quality school at Umubano Academy is extremely impactful.  The values, ethos, and dedication of APIE ensure that it is such an effective and enduring organisation which is adding real value to the educational sector and to the country as a whole"

British and Foreign School Society

“BFSS is thrilled to be supporting APIE on this ambitious but exciting project with real potential to influence the education system across Rwanda and promote ongoing peace. The outcomes cover both educational improvements for individual children and high level changes at national level. APIE is doing an amazing job of running the project sharing the results, which increases the impact of our funding even further"

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