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COVID-19 Emergency Appeal


The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting children around the world, but it is hitting the poorest families hardest. Schools in Rwanda are closed until September, and children without access to online learning resources are missing out on vital education. The poorest students no longer get a daily hot meal at school, and hunger and malnutrition are becoming a reality for children with little access to nutritious food at home. Teachers will not get paid at all for at least 4 months, and will struggle to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads.

APIE is raising vital funds to keep students learning, ensure that the poorest children have access to food, and make hardship payments to teachers so they can feed their families during this crisis. 

£12 will enable us to make a hardship payment to a teacher so they can feed their family for one week.
£50 will support a teacher to feed their family for a month
£200 will enable us to pay a teacher their full salary for one month so they can continue to provide online teaching to students
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