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Working in partnership with Rwandan teachers to provide the best quality education.





Teachers are not receiving the

training they require. In fact, the vast majority of teacher training programmes fail to include actual classroom experience, meaning that the first time teachers stand in front of a class, it's for real.

APIE aims to address this at classroom level,

equipping teachers with the skills they need to

give the next generation a chance. 


Our pilot project, Umubano Primary School, will act as a model for education throughout Rwanda, training teachers and demonstrating excellence.


Our broader vision is to improve teaching in schools across Rwanda. Umubano is designed not only to benefit its pupils, but children throughout the country. Umubano will serve as a demonstration school where teachers from other communities can witness best practices and improve their own teaching through intensive training courses.


Umubano will create a ripple effect across the entire Rwandan education system. 



primary school



The teachers and children of Rwanda need your support. With your help, we can provide them with a route to a better future.