Actor Emma Thompson endorses APIE:


Peace education is at the heart of A Partner in Education's pilot programme, based at Umubano Primary School in Rwanda; A Partner in Education is a small INGO with a big reach.
APIE sees education as a holistic, international and collective enterprise; building equitable and respectful relationships across the world, broadening access to quality education for children in Rwanda and providing opportunities for people everywhere to get involved. 
In Rwanda, a country determined to put the horrors of genocide firmly behind it, and where over 60% of the population is of school age, the importance of creative and empowering education cannot be overstated. APIE shows one way that we can all work together to achieve this. It’s not charity for poor children, it is bringing the best of international expertise to people who are already clear about where they need to go.


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We envision a world in which all children, regardless of background and circumstance, have the opportunity to receive high quality education.


A Partner in Education is an international education charity working to transform learning outcomes for children in Rwanda. 


We work in partnership with schools, governments and international non-government organisations (NGOs) responding to the need to rapidly accelerate the quality of education in Rwanda by developing a unique model of international collaboration in education.


From a hub in the UK, and with in-country directors, we form partnerships across the world to support high quality education and practical training for teachers. 

We are turning the model of aid on its head. Rather than offering a top down, cascade model of school development and teacher training, APIE offers a model of developing centres of excellence from the bottom up. 

This enables local teachers to grow their skills and disseminate their learning in an effective and sustainable way. This influence within the system is a powerful methodology of change.

Umubano Primary School


Our pilot project at Umubano Primary School in Rwanda is rapidly developing into an education hub that delivers exemplary and holistic education.


Umubano provides students with interactive and personalised learning and teachers with ongoing practical training and professional development.


Together, APIE and Umubano are delivering high quality education to the local population and beyond.