Continue the legacy of Project Umubano

APIE grew out of Project Umubano, and is one of the most tangible legacies of the project. Please help us to continue developing this legacy. Help us ensure more children have access to quality education and that no child gets left behind; that teachers receive a living wage and ongoing professional development; that Umubano School sustains the legacy of what you have started and given so much to; and that education in Rwanda continues to contribute to peace, prosperity and progress for all.

If you had a memorable experience in Rwanda, either this year or in previous trips, and would like to contribute to the country's ongoing journey, please pledge to support us. Help us achieve our aim of inclusive and quality education in Rwanda, and become a partner in education today. 

Project Umubano 2017
Project Umubano 2017

Project Umubano 2017
Project Umubano 2017

Project Umubano 2017
Project Umubano 2017

Project Umubano 2017
Project Umubano 2017


Project Umubano & APIE, Kigali 2017

How to help...


Do you have the time and skills to contribute to APIE's mission of improving the quality of education for every child in Rwanda? 


Return to Kigali as a volunteer and support our work on the ground, or offer your skills to the development of projects from the UK. Volunteers with a wide range of skills are needed, from education to finance, fundraising to social media, and as a small organisation your contributions will create a tangible difference to what we're able to achieve. Get in touch to find out more!

Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund ensures we can continue our commitment to supporting pupils from the poorest families, provide the resources and training to support students with special needs, and ensure that all staff are equipped with the skills to effectively support every student to succeed.


Just £10 per month will enable a child to access equitable and inclusive quality education, ensuring they can build the skills to contribute to a peaceful and sustainable future for Rwanda.


Pledge your support below, and become a partner in education today.

Phase 2: Scaling the Model

The first phase of our strategy was to build a school and develop it into a centre of excellence. With UPS thriving, our second phase is to scale the model, sharing what we have learned with Rwanda's education community.


The construction of a hall and additional classrooms has commenced, allowing for students to continue their education as well as providing space for a wide-reaching teacher training programme, designed to share best practice in primary education for the benefit of every child, teacher and community in Rwanda. However, we need your help to make this vision a reality. 


Take up the challenge of raising £500 towards building this training facility, and continue Project Umubano's legacy of sustainable peace, progress and prosperity in Rwanda.


Were you one of Project Umubano 2017's teaching volunteers in Rwanda? Leave us a comment and tell us about your experience!