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Teacher Spotlight: Evariste Habonimana

Evariste Habonimana has been a teacher for 7 years and has worked at Umubano Primary School for 2 and a half years. He is the Primary 3 class teacher and teaches French in all classes from P1 to P6.

What do you enjoy about working at UPS?

I enjoy working with all the staff. All the staff members are good listeners and help me when I need support. I have learned a lot of things since being at UPS, especially how to use positive behavior management strategies. We also receive a good salary compared to other teachers in Rwanda.

What do you like about working with APIE?

I like taking part in the trainings that APIE provide. We have learned lots of new teaching methodologies, such as positive behavior management strategies, using group work, developing socials skills alongside academic skills etc.

Can you give an example of how your teaching practice has improved through working with APIE?

Last year, I found that the P6 behaviour on a Friday afternoon could be challenging and I wanted to find new ways to engage with them. I worked with Rachel, the APIE Education Manager, to develop a group work project over a number of weeks. The P6 students worked in their groups to develop a lesson on some basic French vocabulary that they could teach to a P1 or P2 group. They made resources, created songs and games to use with the younger students. It was a good project. P1 and P2 learned new vocabularies and the P6 students learned how to work together and became more engaged with the lessons on a Friday afternoon.

P6 students work together on a French project.

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