• Rachel Duncan

Teacher Spotlight: Aimable Hareremana

Aimable is a final year student at Teacher Training College (TTC) Rubengera, studying Early Childhood Education. TTC students undertake an internship at a school for the whole of the first term of their final year, and he is currently undertaking a teaching internship at UPS in Nursery 2.

Why did you decide to study at a Teacher Training College?

There are other teachers in my family and they like the profession. I got their advice and decided to study at a TTC.

What have you learned during your teaching internship at Umubano Primary School?

I have learned some warm up activities and some classroom management strategies such as the ‘happy face’ behaviour management chart. Using English as the language of instruction whilst at UPS has helped me to improve my own level of English.

In your experience, how is UPS different from other schools?

The English level of students at UPS is better than at other schools in Rwanda. There are more teaching materials available to support learners. Positive behaviour management strategies are used at UPS, students are encouraged to understand their mistakes and discuss ways to improve. Teachers are given lunch which is not done in many schools and is very appreciated!

What are your hopes for the future?

I want to be a nursery teacher and support my students to develop. I will use the strategies I have learned at UPS when I have my own class.



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