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Peace Day Celebration at Umubano Primary School

Guest post from UPS's Head, Jean de Dieu Dusingize.

Different educational stakeholders, such as parents, Head Teachers, Governmental institutions, Rwanda National Police and students were invited to share with us their messages of peace. We know that when people work together they reach their goals.

At Umubano Primary School, teaching about Peace is our priority as we know that this is the key to sustainable development that we wish to our nation and to the world in general. Hence, we believe that Peace and Values need to be taught from an early age, so that all children can grow up with a strong understanding of how to be peaceful from the beginning of their life. This is why we do many things to educate for peace. Teaching about peace is our habit; it’s not something we only do on Peace day.

To celebrate this very important international day, we had a peace week that ended with a big celebration. In this week, all activities were based around the World Peace Day’s theme “The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace.” Without sustainable peace there is no sustainable development. These are activities we have been doing all this week: Every day we had a peaceful value to discuss in class in morning and afternoon.

We created a peace corner; a quiet place where people can go and relax on benches enjoying the shade from the tree of peace.

​Students and teachers created peace messages that will be in classrooms, in our peace corner and we will also share them with different people using the media, internet….

We had the Umubano volleyball Peace championship. We believe that sports are a strong practical lesson and tool for building strong social cohesion between people.

W​e made a peace magazine that includes students’ peace messages .

We did all these, to give a chance to everyone in our school community to develop his/her critical thinking, creativity, cooperation, competition, tolerance, non violence which we believe are strong pillars of peace.

At Umubano Primary School, we believe in the power of education for peace to reshape a peaceful world.

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