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Guest post by Headteacher Jean de Dieu: Peace assembly at Umubano Primary School

At Umubano Primary School, we celebrated International Peace Day in a peace assembly organised at school level on 21 September 2015.

In the introduction of the assembly, we saw that peace is really essential for sustainable development and that people need to work together and strive for sustainable peace as is suggested in this year’s themePartnership for peace: Dignity for all. When a peace culture is adopted at a young age, it bears many good fruits. It is very crucial for the young generation to plan for their future by becoming peace makers everywhere, starting from a small setting to a bigger setting. When a student happens to make peace at home he/she will make it at school and then at national and world level.

Nursery students singing a peace song.

Posters we used to start and conclude our introduction on Peace Day.

With these posters, students saw some famous symbols of peace, they saw the theme of this year’s International Peace Day, the date when International Peace Day is celebrated and how partnership is really needed in both building sustainable peace and in the results of peace making.

To mark this day, students presented songs, poems and a skit. Everyone was happy to celebrate Peace Day by sharing ideas and by following every activity.

In their role play, P6 students proved how children can play a great role in reconciling families that have had conflict in their backgrounds. Two boys from those two opposed families met at school and they become best friends. When parents heard about their sons’ friendship they were very angry with these two sons. After a time, parents realised that they were wrong and decided to join their sons in reshaping the relationship of their families and plan for better future.

Lower primary presenting their peace poem and their peace message

P6 students presented a peace skit.

Peace messages:

After this assembly students went back to their classrooms and wrote some peace messages in the form of poems, letters, compositions and drawings.

The following are some peace messages produced by students:

After celebrating Peace Day at school, this delegation of 10 students, one teacher and the head teacher went to Amahoro Stadium in peace one day celebration. We enjoyed attending the Peace One Day celebrations at Amahoro Stadium as we met different people there; we enjoyed different presentations and inspiring peace speeches given by different people including the Minister for Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana. Read the full report here.

Jean de Dieu Dusingize

Head teacher of UPS



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