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Simply Rwandaful

On 2 August, Jessica Barnecutt and Nicola Harries cycled a fantastic 100 miles to raise money for APIE’s Scholarship Fund. The Fund supports 30 children to go to school in Rwanda, part of APIE’s commitment to ensuring that no child is excluded from a quality education. Jessica and Nicola pedalled up and down the hills that stretch between London and Surrey in the Prudential Ride- London to Surrey – a challenge that requires much determination and dedication.

Jessica and Nicola are cycling for A Partner in Education because of their belief in the power of education to transform lives. They said: “This year we are raising funds for the school where Amy has been working in Rwanda. In December, she personally visited the homes of 30 children in need of financial support in order to attend school - some of these children have never attended school before, have a parent with HIV/AIDS, are physically impaired or are orphans.”

They are compelled to raise money now because: “These children started school in January and now APIE (the charity running the school) is trying really hard to secure funds for their continued education. Please support us as we aim to raise £1000, enough money to support three children in their education for a whole year.”

In fact, Jessica and Nicola doubled their target and raised £2000! This money will make a huge difference to children’s lives as they are able to stay in school and access a quality education.

Their team name is Simply-Rwandaful - a fun and inspired name and it will certainly be teamwork and collaboration that will get them past the finish line – a value that APIE echoes in its collaborative and partnership model of working.

Some of their avid supporters said: “Well done Jesso & Nicky, fantastic cause. Good luck” and: “Enjoy the ride ladies and I hope the weather is kind to you! What a wonderful way to make a difference to a child's life.”

We cannot agree more. We are incredibly grateful to Jessica and Nicola taking on this challenge to support children to attend school. Without such support we would not be able to continue this important work.

Thank you team Simply Rwandaful!

Go to Nicola and Jessica’s fundraising page to find out more and donate.

If you want to take on a challenge to raise money, or get involved in another way please contact: to find out more.

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